The Best Salsa Dancers in the World

So a couple of months ago I started doing some research into who are the Top 10 Salsa Dancers in the world today (that’s right, I am actually broaching this topic):

Now while I was putting together the list of names, I came across a you-tube video on just this same topic which I found quite interesting (make sure you check out the comments). Now how accurate do you think this person is? Without a doubt, everyone on his list is an amazing dancer – Question is, are they in your Top 10?

To anyone who is passionate about Salsa, this particular topic will be a controversial one (almost as heated as the On1 Vs. On2 debate). However, everything having been said and all things being equal, the fact of the matter is that every answer is totally subjective depending on a particular individuals frame of reference and personal taste. The truth is there can never be a non-biased & totally objective answer to this particular question, more so when you consider the number of amazing dancers out there who never perform or travel.

Now, back to the topic at hand; After much debate, I finally narrowed down my Top 10 list. Now, as this list is constantly changing and evolving as I change and grow, I have decided only list my Top 2 salsa dancers on the scene right now.

They are – (Drum Roll Please)

Adolfo & Magna

Adolfo Indacochea & Magna Gopal…. Yeah I said it!!!

However, before you totally loose your head, read on as I list the people who were considered to be on my list based on just how much I enjoy watching them dance:
Eddie Torres, Oliver Pineda, Mykel Fonts, Rasove Ramirez, Jose Diaz, Nerry Garcia, Jhesus Aponte, Frankie Martinez, Melissa Rosado, Griselle ponce, Karel Flores, Ania Chagowska, Juan Matos, Shaka Brown, Luda Kroitor, Alien Ramirez, Johnny Vasquez, Salomon, Adrian y Anita, John and Yudi, Nina Kollburner, Terry and Cecile, Jorge ‘Ataca’ and Tanja ‘La Alemana’, Sean B, Super Mario, Marchant Birch, Milton Cobo, Junior and Emily Alabi and the list goes on.
( & to watch a social video that contains 4 of my current top 10 dancers in the world – click here)

Now the question is, are you brave enough to tell me who is on your list?

Till next week people… you know what to do!

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2 Responses to The Best Salsa Dancers in the World

  1. You’ve opened a very big can of worms lad. Nice one!
    You’re totally crushin’ on Magna right!
    I’d have to go for Frankie Martinez or Oliver Pineda. As for my female choice, I’d have to say La Alemana (because I got to dance with her once)(and she’s even more beautiful in real life!).

    • Chilly says:

      Magna is definitely my current dance crush, I need to find a congress so I can finally dance with her. Frankie Martinez and Oliver P are amazing hence why they are also on the list.
      I have danced with Tanja 3 times and her and Jorge were my No.1 Salsa Couple for over 1.5 years. I saw them Salsa before I ever even saw them bachata. They are and will always be in my top 10 and are the best all round dancers I have ever seen (salsa, shines, bachata) & amazing teachers also most importantly just really cool couple. You cant help but be touched by Island Touch! 😉

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