Who is your Salsa Dance crush?

A Salsa Dance Crush is, by definition; someone you have a very intense desire to dance with. This person is usually someone you’ve seen on youtube – performing or teaching at a congress, or maybe even on a salsa DVD. It is also unlikely that you will ever  get a chance to dance with them due to circumstances such as location.
(P.S. A Salsa Dance Crush is different from a Salsa style crush. A Style crush is when a Salsera has a crush on another Salsera, or Salsero with a Salsero and is trying to learn to move and dance exactly like them.)

My 1st Dance Crush - Tanja

My first salsa dance crush was with Tanja ‘La Alemana’ Kensinger. I first saw her and her dance partner Jorge Ataca doing a salsa performance on you-tube over 3 years ago. Coincidentally, it was the first time I ever saw a Salsa Performance and it blew my mind. I made up my decision in that instant – one day I would dance with her.

Two Years later, I was at a pre-salsa party in Venice, Italy before going on the All-star salsa Cruise & guess who was there on the opposite side of the dance floor? After spending 1hr psyching myself up, I finally got the stones and I asked her to dance and it blew my mind that it was finally happening. I also got to dance with her 2 more times during the course of the cruise. 🙂

Now as most of you may know, Tanja is actually known for her Bachata more than Salsa as she is one half of the most recognisable Bachata couple in the world. Now, I was personally way too intimidated to dance Bachata with her, but its something I plan on doing the next time I see her, which will be at the Croatia Sun & Sea Festival in June.

There are 2 other Salseras I have had crushes on and have been fortunate enough to dance with, they are:
Anita Santos Rubin from Adrian Y Anita & Karel Flores from Yamulee

The Sexy Anita

Karel Flores










Salsa crushes are usually fleeting or are replaced by seeing another great dancer or performer. I have had a lot of Salsa Crushes since Tanja including the likes of Luda Kroitor and Vali Damascus. However, there is only 1 salsa dance crush I currently have that has the genuine possibility of lasting as long as Tanja’s did – her name is Magna Gopal.

Magna Gopal is in my opinion the most musical Salsera I have ever seen.

Magna Gopal

Magna Gopal was born in India and raised in Toronto, Canada. She now calls the New York/New Jersey area her home.

She is world renowned for her musicality and creative interpretation of the music, as well as her ability to follow any lead effortlessly and to spin with speed and accuracy.

She was inspired to learn salsa by the movie Dance With Me.  After a couple of lessons and a lot of social dancing, she began to experiment with the music and different ways to use her body to interpret it.  In this self-taught manner she developed a keen ability to really understand the body, and ways of explaining this to others to help them improve their dancing

Her Motto:
Learn the Rules, Master the Rules, Break the Rules.

This Salsa crush has been going on for close to 8 months now and as I can’t realistically find a congress  in 2012 that I can attend where Magna will be, I therefore see this dance crush lasting well into 2013.

Now its your turn, tell me who is your Salsa Dance Crush?


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3 Responses to Who is your Salsa Dance crush?

  1. tsheps says:

    my salsa crushes in no particula order are:
    Tanja ‘La Alemana’
    Karel Flores
    Magna Gopal
    Shiela de Jesus

    i missed out on an opportunity due 2 some circumstances in Sweden (HSW 2011) in Stolckholm to dance with Karel Flores and Shiela de Jesus :((
    Hopefully the “Croatia Sun & Sea Festival” and “10th Anniversary: Salsafestival-Hamburg” will do the magic 4 me :))

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