Welcome to Chilly’s Blog.

Everyone needs a creative outlet or two. Whether its Singing, Rapping, Dancing, Writing or Drawing. For me, writing has always been an important outlet and one that I have constantly wanted to pursue. I have always wanted to write, and over time I have actually started writing 3 different Novels ( I just haven’t finished any of them, YET!). I also have an electronic Diary that  I have consistently updated for over 9 years now.  Considering how personal a diary is, it is unlikely that I will ever share that with the World. So on the flip side of things, I have decided to start a Blog and Share some random ideas and thoughts that are of interest to me.

I will be looking at and digging deeper into some of lifes issues and sharing some of my insights into the cool and random things of this Comedy we call life. Maybe you will find some useful gem or insight in all the nonsense that I will be spewing over the time to come.  My theory – Don’t blame yourself, let me do it!

Just so you know, this is a fun blog filled with my Personal opinion distilled from my life lessons and from interactions with all sorts of characters I have been privileged to meet and know in my short yet interesting lifetime. So come with an open mind and be ready to hear My esoteric opinion.

Let the Fun and games begin…..