Chillys Blog Turns 4

Oh how time fly’s when you having fun. Hard to believe that 4 years ago I started this blog. Unfortunately, this year my blog has been a little bit neglected. I did however decide that in October I would pay tribute by being my most active writing self ever.

This has worked out perfectly as I joined the Latin Dance community and published a post about the different personality types in salsa. This site went active as of 1 October 2014. Interestingly enough, this article was a result of  the time I have spent this year understanding the different motivational reasons why people do Salsa. Its been very introspective. There will be another post coming out on that site before the end of this month, so keep an eye out.

I also wrote a post on Salsa Bachata Online about Salsa congresses on the African continent. A very heartfelt piece. Go give it a read.

AS for this blog, well only 1 post in October, but you can expect 2 more before the month is up. Not a bad way to pay tribute don’t you think?

2014 has been an interesting year for me. It happens to be the year I turned 30 and I also took a 6 week salsa dancing tour through Europe and is the year of my 10th through to 15th congress (yup, 5 congresses in 1 year).  Now, as for what the rest of the year holds, I have no idea. All I do know is, ChillysBlog is here to stay and I look forward to keep writing for you till Year 5.

Till then… Live, Love & Salsa! And while you at it, why not make someone smile along the way. 😉Chilly & Olivia


About Chilly

Causality - I believe for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Cause and Effect. I am the cause - what will be the effect?
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