Always keep an eye out for Oliver Pineda

One of my favorite Salseros is without a doubt Oliver Pineda. He is the Founder and Director of Latin Motion Dance Academy in Australia and is Australia’s only 5 time World Salsa Champion with partner Luda Kroitor from ‘Dancing With The Stars’.

You can watch their 2010 finals performance at the 2010 World Latin Dance Cup by clicking the picture below:

Oliver Pineda & Luda Kroitor

Born in Australia and of Chilean descent, he has been dancing Salsa for 15 years and is without a doubt Australia’s most undisputed talent.

The thing I like most about Oliver P, is that he is one of the calmest social dancers you will ever see on the dance floor despite his status. However, when he does something big it will without a doubt be out of this world.

To understand exactly what I mean, watch Oliver Pineda & Luda Kroitor social dancing at the Hawaii Salsa Festival. Pay close attention when it gets to 2:16 – 2:22

Although passionate about Salsa and Mambo, Oliver’s dance experience also extends to Rueda, Merengue, Zouk Lambada, Kizomba, Samba, Cumbia, Cha Cha, Rumba, Afro Cuban Rumba, and all the other Latin, Modern & Ballroom dances such as Jive, Paso Doble Waltz, Slow Foxtrot & Quick Step. In addition to his dancing expertise, he is also a well known percussionist playing in some of Sydney’s top Salsa bands, mastering the timbales, congas and bongos amongst other percussive instruments.

His black belt achievements as a Martial Artist have also equipped him with an understanding of the basics of Capoeira.

To see his quickness in action, watch the best salsa steal I have ever seen and pay very close attention from 1:33 as he pulls a lightning quick steal on the dance floor at the Chile Salsa Congress in 2011.

Oliver is also proud to be the creator of his own brand of Salsa called ‘Aussie Style Salsa’ spreading this style to dancers all over the world.

He also went on to perform one of the best mens shine pieces I have ever seen at Scandinavian Salsa Congress 2010

Olivers Shines Peice

I also have to thank him for introducing me to Grupo Latin Vibe through this video at an isolations workshop he did. This is one of the simplest yet coolest isolations I have ever seen.

Another video that I like, (try and guess why) is to watch Oliver P social dancing with Tanja . You gotta love it!

So if you ever get a chance to see Oliver P on the dance floor, make sure you keep an eye out because you never know what he just might do.

Till next time;
Live. Love. Salsa!

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2 Responses to Always keep an eye out for Oliver Pineda

  1. Hilton says:

    I think the step he does in Hawii Salsa Festival video at 2:16 can also been see in better quality in 2010 World Latin Dance Cup video at 1:10. Or am I missing something?

    Very good videos though!

  2. Wil says:

    Great Post! I’m a huge fan of Oliver’s. I still haven’t gotten to see him live yet at a Congress. I’m hopeful it will be this year in NY. Also, I agree with your comment about the “best salsa steal.” If you watch at 1:21 in that video he taps the guy in the back to let him know something was coming. Love it…. A magician at work!

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