The 5 Types of Leaders and followers!

Close to 2 years ago, I wrote an article on  the best leads and followers. Today I am republishing a section that dealt with the 5 different kinds of leaders and followers. This is probably part of one of the best articles that I ever wrote, so you should read it because its that damn GOOD.

The 5 different kinds of Salseras :-

The Interpreter – This Salsera interprets the mans lead with ease. She waits for the lead to indicate what the leader wants her to do and then she executes it. She is light on her feet and an absolute pleasure to dance with.

The Dancer – She is just like ‘The Interpreter’ with one unique difference; when she dances, she engages the man she is dancing with. She not only smiles and plays off the music, she is capable of both following and being independent.

The Reactor – This is the type of follower that does not really follow. What she does is maintain an extremely tight frame that enables her to react to the man rather than follow his lead. Reactors therefore require a REALLY strong lead because they are basically being carried around the dance floor.

The Predictor – This one is a really tricky one to spot. They could appear to be ‘Interpreters’ or even ‘Dancers’, the only real way to spot them is that they will normally finish off a move before the man actually leads it (the easiest way to spot this is with hand flicks and copas). Another identifying factor is when the leader sends them into a move that they are unable to accurately predict, they will stop  or do what they thought was going to happen.

The Maverick – This is the one category that, if you are in, ladies – you need to get out of, and quick. Maverick followers are ladies who are inconsiderate on the dance floor and do whatever they want, irrespective of the man’s lead. No man wants to dance with a Maverick.

The 5 different kind of Salseros:-

The Care-taker – This is the kind of Lead who has a firm yet gentle lead and is very clear on the dance floor as to what he wants the lady to do. He takes care of the lady, learns how she moves and leads her in a way that she will enjoy and find easy to follow. He takes notice of her skill level and pulls out enough moves to challenge her, yet not push her beyond her limits so she always feels good about the dance.

The Man – The Man is ‘The Care-taker’ with one main difference. He allows the lady to play with the music every now and then and to express herself. He takes care of her, while still allowing her enough space & independence to do her own thing when she wants or even needs to.

The Showoff –  This  leader usually has tonnes of fancy moves and perfect timing. They could easily appear to be ‘Care-takers’ or ‘The Man’.
So how do you spot a show off? They ALWAYS dance flashy and they do not adjust their lead to suit the lady they are dancing with. Showoffs dance for the audience and thus are always trying to make themselves look good irrespective of how the lady looks.

The Wannabe – If you are in this category, guys, get out of it fast. This type of Lead tries to execute an endless number of complex moves and turn patterns at the expense of a decent lead and timing. They basically want to be a Showoff without the Skill level that is required to be one. My only advice to you, in the words of a World Class Salsera – ‘Rather lead & execute 6 moves perfectly than do 60 moves terribly.’

Mr. Inappropriate – Remember, when you are dancing Salsa,a woman allows you to enter into her personal space. Additionally, as a follower she is placing her trust in you. Don’t abuse her trust by doing anything inappropriate to her on the dance floor. This is NOT COOL! Respect her personal space and respect her.
On the other hand, if the woman you are dancing with is your Girl-friend or someone you are flirting with & she is flirting back – well then, who are we to judge? 😉

So, which one are you?

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