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My interview with an L.A. Salsera

While @ the LA Salsa Congress earlier on this year, I remember  watching a particular Salsera at one of the pre-parties dancing with a Colombian performer and despite all the craziness going on, she held her own (Now if you have seen Colombian … Continue reading

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August is the month for Alisar Dance Company

Alisar Dance Company was born on 26 January 2013. (The name comes from my salsa monicker which is Spanish for  “Smooth” as this is part of my ultimate Salsa ambition) While it has been around for a little while it … Continue reading

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Salsera in the city interviews Karel Flores of Yamuleé

So my kindred blogger (The Salsera in the city) managed to interview one of my favorite Salsera’s: None other than Ms. Karel Flores. You should go check it out, & dont worry its short & sweet!

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The Stargate Challenge

Interest in salsa has grown dramatically over the years & this increase has produced many amazing dancers and performers. However, alongside all the professionals there are people like me: Salsa Enthusiasts – People who are not professional dancers BUT SHARE … Continue reading

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