Catchup with Olu Olu and his Friday Coffee Lounge

Who is a Jetsetting, globe trotting, coffee drinking, fashion trending,  photo taking, G Star Raw wearing, Rum drinking and Friday facebook posting Salsero? None other than London based Olu Olu.

Olu Olu and Chilly catching up on a Boat in Croatia. We are SORRY if you were not there.

Olu Olu and Chilly catching up on a Boat in Croatia. We are SORRY if you were not there.

Now for those of you who dont know Olu Olu, the above paragraph pretty much sums him up. There is No other Salsero I know as well travelled. He has literally danced on every Continent on the globe.

About a year or so ago, he started posting salsa related topics every Friday and it soon became a tradition that is now fondly referred to as – Olu’s Friday Coffee Lounge.

Me on Friday afternoons

The process is simple; every Friday he chooses a salsa related topic and posts it on his wall  and then invites open debate from the Salsa community. As he is very well travelled, his posts invite comments from all corners of the Globe . Some of his posts are so engaging they will have 100’s of comments and I will quickly find myself feeling like MJ during the cinema scene in Thriller.

As a matter of fact, his posts have become so popular that this week not only will there be his usual Friday Post on Facebook, but the Coffee Lounge will also be taking place live at the Berlin Salsa Festival 2014 tomorrow, Saturday the 4th of October.

So I decided to use this Friday to catch up with Olu and find out more about his Friday coffee Lounge to give his avid readers some deeper insight  into it. Enjoy!

Olu loves his coffee

Olu loves his coffee

Why the name coffee Lounge and not Salsa lounge?
Lol. Because I like Coffee more than I like Salsa!

Where do you get the topics from?
Either I think them up, pick them up from discussions I have or have had online with people or suggestions from people.

Do you read every comment?
Of course! I try to get involved and keep the conversation flowing and make new commenters feel very welcomed to the Lounge.

Do you moderate comments or is it uncut and unedited?
Totally uncut! But I have been known to delete off topic comments or shameless plugs for salsa events.

What was your most popular post?
In terms of comments it was Salsa Pet Peeves, in terms of ‘likes’ it was the topic ‘Why do you dance?’

Least popular post?
Connection – 12 likes and only 40 comments

Your personal favourite post?
Salsa WTF moment, There are some funny anecdotes there from fellows dancers that crack me up all the time.

You are a man who calls it as you see it, but is there any topic you avoid or wont ask?
I pretty much said we will tackle any salsa related discussion but I try to balance out the topics so it doesn’t become a whine lounge. I still have a few controversial topics up my sleeve.

It’s now going to be featured at the Berlin Salsa festival, why do you think people are so interested in what you have to say?
Its not so much what I have to say but more that people want to have these open discussions at a ‘dancefloor’ level and the Coffee Lounge with it’s mixed group of dancers, DJs, Promoters, etc that show mutual respect for each other (irrespective of our individual dance ability), is a place dancers find relaxed enough to open up and have these discussions. Everybody’s experience is valid.

Any final words for all the Salseros and Salseras out there?
One – Dance as often as you can!

Thanks Olu for taking out the time!

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