Salsa: You’re doing it wrong!

The Dancing Irish man is at it again…. he has written a follow up to his last post on what has virally now become known as the ‘BAH dancer’.

The first post he wrote reminded me of a couple of things:
1. Humans love controversy. The Dancing Irish man has written so many positive and helpful posts about Salsa, but the first 1 to go viral and be shared in the community is the no holds barred opinionated one.
2. Reading a lot of the comments (I will admit, I lost steam at some point), it just reminded me and really clarified for me that people do Salsa for lots of different reasons, and you know what – its OK!

So as you read his new post which explains in a bit more detail what his original post was all about ( a lot of people misunderstood it), I would just like to remind you of 3 important things a number of people who commented on his post and have lambasted him have forgotten:

1. Everyone has their own opinion and is entitled to it. Basic human rights people.
2. Its ok to agree to disagree. You dont always have to see the other persons point of view, you dont always have to agree with it, but you should definitely respect their right to have their own point of view, yes even when its different to yours.
3. Dont take everything too seriously. There are kids starving in this World, there are real problems and our opinions on hobbies is not one of them. So relax, take a chill pill and read what my friend the dancing Irish man has to say… chew on it, think about it, disagree with it, but dont loose sleep over it and definitely dont stop dancing because of it.

Long Live Salsa!

The Dancing Irishman

“If you don’t have African or at least Latino roots you will NEVER dance Salsa well”.
Did you know that?

Or did you know that “Studio Salsa (whatever that is) is watered-down Salsa that has lost its sabor”?

Or that “Puerto Rican street Salsa is the only real Salsa there is”?

Were you aware that “for Salsa to be good it has to have a multitude of turn patterns, acrobatics and footwork”?

No? Well, neither did I… but according to some of the angry comments that I received on last weeks hugely popular article, this is what some “Salseros” actually think (and very adamantly at that). All those ridiculous statements you’ve just read above were the opinions of people who wrote some rather unpleasant comments on my blog or Facebook page last week.

They were either deleted or never allowed past moderation (my house, my…

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  1. Nice intro man. Ever think of a career in politics haha 😀

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