Salsa People always make a Plan!

2 weeks ago, I organised drinks after work with a bunch of friends. Unfortunately, the night began with a misunderstanding about the actual venue – Was it the Grand Daddy Hotel or Daddy Long Legs? We eventually found ourselves at the Roof Top Bar of the Grand Daddy Hotel.

As we sat on this roof top bar, listening to the punk rock band & surrounded by all the caravans (this place happens to have rooms which are actual caravans on their roof-top. Pretty cool, don’t you think?)

We got to talking about what people liked doing on their Friday evenings. Teddy (one of my friends) said he usually liked to Salsa on Friday evenings. This brought up talk of how the closing of Fiesta put an end to regular Friday salsa socials (Fiesta was a local Salsa spot in Cape Town that closed down a while back). After a moment of silence for Fiesta, Teddy suggested we have an impromptu Salsa party at his place. The idea bounced around for a little bit and then eventually the game plan came into effect:
Everyone was given a task – buy food, alcohol and a few accessories and get to Teddy’s ASAP!

An hour later (food and alcohol in tow) we got to Teddy’s and after everyone had something to eat and had downed a shot of tequila or two, the music came on and every one was dancing away on the balcony under the stars on this cool, Friday evening.

After about an hour from when the dancing began, we got a call asking us to end the party at 11pm. At 11pm as the crowd was not ready for the night to end, the dining table was pushed into a corner and the party was moved inside.

As the music came on in the dining room, I just thought:
You never know exactly what will happen on a night out with Salsa People, but if there is one thing you can rest assured, Salsa People always make a plan!

As I was busy writing this post, I just got an invite informing me that the Grand Daddy Hotel will now be hosting Salsa on Fridays effective tomorrow. Now is that coincidence or what? 😉

Till next Thursday, Que Viva La Salsa Y Bachata!

P.S. You can check out a social dance video from the night by clicking the picture below.

Social dancing on a Friday

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1 Response to Salsa People always make a Plan!

  1. Amanda says:

    Hi Chilly, hope to see you at the Grand Daddy again soon for some salsa fun. It is on Friday nights in the Daddy Cool Bar.

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