The Cloudy Dancer from the Dancing Irish Man

Hey Salsa Lovers,

My fellow blogger ( The Dancing Irish Man ) recently wrote a blog called The Cloudy Dancer. In his words – “A dance with a “Cloudy Dancer” is nothing short of magical!…. It’s the type of dance that fulfills your whole night, the type of dance you can retire on.”

I remember my first such experience with a Cloudy Dancer – It was close to 3 years ago with a wonderful Salsera called Leigh. From then on I have gone on to have a number of experiences with a few lovely Cloudy Dancers from all over the world. Thank you ladies for being the amazing Dancers that you are and sharing with me in amazing dancing experiences that I can definitely retire on. Till the next one of-course 😉

Now go check out my friends blog post: The Cloudy Dancer

Till next week people, you know the drill… Live, Love & Salsa!

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