My Top 10 Kizomba Tracks

Hey Salsa Peeps,

Sorry for being 1 day late in posting (again). 

Anyway, this week I wanna share with you my top 10 Kizomba  Tracks of All Time listed in no particular order. (By the way, some of these tracks are not actually Kizomba, there is Zouk, tarraxinha e.t.c. but you can Kizomba to them anyway.)

Albair Rojas - Kizombero

Albair Rojas – Kizombero


  • Kaysha – 1 Love
  • Nelson Freitas – Deeper
  • Nelson Frietas – Rebound Chick
  • Mika Mendes – Criola
  • Mika Mendes – Magico
  • Os Oiginais – Le Da
  • Vanda May – Nao Me Tarraxa (Club remix)
  • Anselmo Ralph – Nao me Tocas
  • Abege – I like it
  • Marysa – Avec Toi

Now I got 2 questions for you
1. Which track do you think is my favorite?
2. Are there any of your personal favorite tracks that are not on this list?

Comment away…

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11 Responses to My Top 10 Kizomba Tracks

  1. Gev says:

    I like your playlist !

  2. Johnny boy (Serbia) says:

    1. Your favorite is Magico, might be and Criola 🙂
    2. Yes, here is the list a lil bit extended (TOP 20):

    1. Aycee Jordan – In Love With You
    2. Elizio – Make Love On Tempo
    3. Gama – Tentacao
    4. Gilson – Um Kre Pa Bu Flam
    5. Irmaos Verdades – Yolanda
    6. Jamice – Besame
    7. Johnny Ramos – So Sick
    8. Kaysha – Diamonds
    9. Konde – Nesse Som
    10. Mika Mendes – Dam Bo Amor
    11. Milena Tavares & Calo Pascoal – Assim Nao
    12. (Mundo) Kizomba – Careless Whisper
    13. Nilton Ramalho – Para
    14. Nilton Ramalho Feat. Chelsy Shantel – Rainha
    15. Paulo Mac – A Nossa Musica
    16. Princess Lover – Tu Es Mon Soleil
    17. Rihanna – Man Down (DJ Laconi Zouk Rmx)
    18. Rihanna – Rehab (Zouk-Fusion Rmx 2011)
    19. Soumia – La Isla Bonita
    20. To Semedo – P’ra Ti

  3. Chilly says:

    Hey Johnny Boy, you were right – it was Criola. Mika Mendes has skillz.
    Thanks for sharing your list, I am gonna go listen to them right now.

  4. daniel says:

    SO nice list! =D thank man!

  5. Angie says:

    I think Zoha – Tourner la page (remix nindja) missis… it’s my favourite so far….
    About your favourite Ii think it’s Criola 🙂

  6. Angie says:

    I think Zoha – Tourner la page (remix nindja) missis… it’s my favourite so far….
    About your favourite Ii think it’s Criola 🙂 no doubt about that. I thought it right in the moment I read it.

    • Chilly says:

      Thanks for the comment Angie. Zoha – Tourner la page is AMAZING! Ttiriti by Calo Pascoal is my current favourite, but back then Criola and Magico had my attention.

      • jason says:

        I’m sorry I’m trying to find track# 2 on that album….
        its got words like bars or para I’m not sure please help I love that song

  7. Frema says:

    Hi am looking for a Kizomba song that used to be huge in 2008/2009 and i dont know the name! It had the word s “Acabo” in it?? And its sung by a girl with a soft voice? sorry thats not a lot of information but Im not Portugues so I cant remember the rest!

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