My lesson with Adolfo Indacochea

As I write this post, I am sitting at a hotel in a small town in Croatia called Rovinj. This town sets the scene for the 8th Annual Salsa Festival and just as I predicted – it has lived up to all expectations and then some. One of the highlights of this trip that I was looking forward to was learning from Adolfo Indacochea for the very 1st time. As one of my favorite Salseros in the world, I was looking forward to seeing if the man lived up to the legend.

So the stage was set: Two 3Hr pre-workshops were planned on the Wednesday and Thursday. Yesterday, as I walked into the workshop room I saw him standing on the stage rocking some stylish basics. After about 5 minutes, he welcomed everyone in the class and then hit us with Pachanga. Within 10 minutes, everyone in the class was sweating and he went none stop for the whole hour. We then had a short break and he hit us with Cha cha shines and partnerwork for the next 2Hrs.

Doing the Jeune with Adolfo and Tania

Today, I have just come from the next 3Hr On2 workshop which covered shines, styling and Musicality.

His style of teaching is both effortless and engaging. He has a unique way of pushing you but not beyond your limit while giving you awesome tips and pointers. At the end of the class he is so relaxed and open to answer all questions, it is just insane how much I have learnt from him in just a few minutes after each class.

There is so much more to say, but I need to get going, so this is where I will pen off. At the end of the day, I will leave you with this thought: If you ever get the chance, take a class with Adolfo and always remember to Live, Love and Salsa!

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2 Responses to My lesson with Adolfo Indacochea

  1. Tumbao says:

    Yeah guys!!
    Archi (Tshepo) looks like the biggest person in the photograph!

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