? What is your favourite Salsa Congress?

Well, after spending 11 Days in amazing Croatia, I can honestly say that Croatia Summer Salsa Festival is without a doubt – My absolute favorite Salsa Congress!!!

I mean, where else in the world can you get 5 days of beach parties,1 pool party and 1 boat cruise, Live bands (Salsa Dura & Cuban), 2 nights of performances, 3 nights of dancing in the street, 4 dance floors (Cross body, cuban, romantica & sensual), 2 days of 3hr pre-workshops and then 2 days of of over 80 workshops with world class salsa stars all nicely wrapped into one neat little congress?

My highlights: There are so many, I would not even know where to start. The cuban band and La Excelencia killed it, they rocked so hard it was Legendary.The pool party and boat cruise are without a doubt the most EPIC parties of the entire trip and ones for the memory book. Salsa, bachata and kizomba in the pool also makes for some interesting memories. However, more importantly i think The city of Rovinj itself just makes the entire experience that much more exceptional. It’s a small quiet little city, that gets taken over by salsa madness and then it just buzzes to life!!!! Ahhhhh Bliss…..


Now i want to know from you, what is your favourite salsa congress and why?

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2 Responses to ? What is your favourite Salsa Congress?

  1. Of course Rovinj… without any question it is the BEST festival on the Planet!! 🙂

  2. Croatian Summer Salsa Festival in Rovinj. Beacause for me it is not just a festival-it was and still is-a dream come true ❤

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