The 3 Coolest Salsa things I have come across recently!

On my constant search for Salsa knowledge and all things cool, I come across really amazing people, resources and other things that I occasionally just have to share with you. This blog post is dedicated to 3 such instances:

1: Jazz Biancci – Thanks to Amanda from Charisma, I found this user on YouTube who has a number of interviews done by by Jazz Biancci from MamboNYC. Their user-name is Secretlaw2007.

Jazz has done a number of interviews with various cool salsa people. Below is a link of an interview done with Magna Gopal (My salsa crush) and its quite interesting the stuff she advocates. It’s a 9 part series, so click the pic below as a link to part 1:

If you have time, you should definitely check out the other 8 parts of the series. Magna’s advice is always contrary to the main stream, so definitely check it out!

2. The Dancing Irish Man:
Richard is just your average life loving, globe trotting, karate fighting, language learning, wave surfing, Japanese translating, salsa dancing Irishman. Oh, and he has a beard too!

His blog is his way of sharing all he has learned over the years about his passions (dance, nutrition, exercise and a whole load more).

He has some really cool articles about Salsa and other stuff. I have read most of his stuff and would advise you to do the same @ TheDancingIrishMan

3: A cool Salsa Performance
While at the Croatia Salsa Summer Festival, I danced with a certain Salsera a number of times & she made her way to my top 5 favorite dancers in the World! (No easy task I assure you.) She is such an amazing follower & dancer.

I recently found out that she did a performance and once I saw it, I knew that I just had to share it with the world. You can check it out by clicking the link below:
1st Zagreb Valentines salsa festival – Hrvoje & Dora show nastup

That’s all I have to share with you this week.

Till next week,
Live – Love & Salsa!

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  1. Amanda says:

    YAY, I made it in to your blog 🙂 lol – not a salsa crush, but oh well, I am in… HAHA 🙂

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