11 Days of Dancing Madness… Here I come!

As i type this post, I am sitting on the plane with the boyz and we are just about to take off in 25 mins.

We are off to the Croatia Summer Salsa Festival preceeded by the Summer Sensual Festival. This is 11 day of dancing madness otherwise known as the Paradise Express. 3 days of Bachata, Zouk & Kizomba followed by 8 days of Salsa.

I have been planning this trip ever since I heard about it last year when I was in Split. Now its finally happening. 🙂



Yeah, so the flight is about to leave. So i unfortunately Gotta switch off the iPad!

Till next Thursday…. Peace, Love, Happiness & Salsa!

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1 Response to 11 Days of Dancing Madness… Here I come!

  1. Rosa says:

    Enjoy it and have fun!!!!! 🙂

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