Chilly is Back!

I’m Back!
After 9 weeks of absence, I am glad to report that I am back – officially.

After 60 weeks of writing posts regularly, I decided to take a break from the blogosphere. Now 9 weeks later, I am back and you can expect my Thursday Salsa blog posts to resume like clockwork as of the morrow, 6th June 2013.

Thank you to everyone who sent me messages asking me to get back to my blogging and telling me how much they appreciate my time and effort. The kick up the ass worked. ūüėȬ†So its official, chillysblog is back!

I think its only fitting that tomorrow’s blog is a review about the ‘LA Salsa congress’. This was my first time in the US and the Motherland of On1 Salsa. So yeah, tomorrows post might be a lengthy one (you have been warned).

Other blogs you can expect in the near future are:
1. Living the dream and dancing with my favorite Salsero
2. Salsa Badassery – How to become a badass on the dance floor
3. Profiles on certain certain Salseros and Salseras on the scene
4. Do women prefer men who can dance?
5. 11 Days of dancing madness Part II
6. How to deal with rejection on the social dance floor
This and many, many more….

Last point. If you remember earlier on in the year I was looking for a Tag line for 2013 and I am happy to report that I found it on my recent Trip to the US – Its 3 simple words:


It basically boils down to – Wake up in the morning and make every decision towards those 3 words. Find what you love, do what you love, be what you love and then love your life. In Relationships, Work, hobbies, dance and absolutely everything!

Limo Riding

Alright, see you all back here every Thursday & remember to Love your Life!


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Thank you Mr. DJ!

“Many of us simply¬†don’t¬†realise and far too often we simply take for granted how important DJs are. The Music that we dance to – whether its at a party or at an international ¬†salsa festival – has been painstakingly compiled over years and then carefully put together for you, the¬†audience.”

As a DJ, I cant help but fully appreciate these sentiments.
This is the intro ¬†(slightly adjusted)¬†of a Salsa Mag article for one of the most recognised DJ’s in the Salsa Scene – Henry Knowles.


So today I urge you to all go & read the full article in the 2013 Spring edition of Salsa Mag on page 28.

Next time you are at a party and a song comes on that you like, walk up to the DJ and say thanks or offer to buy them a drink or even just wink at them. Show some luv for DJs all over the world who set the trends by luring you onto the dance floor with their seductive sets and showcasing all the amazing new talented bands on the salsa scene.

Till next week, Thank you Mr. DJ for playing my song!

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You gotta Love 22 March….

Because 2 of my favorite Salseras in the World were born on this day:

Karel Flores from Yamulee & Tanja La Alemana from Island Touch.

Chilly & Karel in Hamburg

Chilly & Karel in Hamburg


Chilly & Tanja in Croatia

Chilly & Tanja in Croatia

Hope to see you 2 Beautiful Ladies soon and that you have a wonderful day!

Till next week people, appreciate all the Wonderful Salseras on the Dance-floor.

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My Top 10 Kizomba Tracks

Hey Salsa Peeps,

Sorry for being 1 day late in posting (again). 

Anyway, this week I wanna share with you my top 10 Kizomba  Tracks of All Time listed in no particular order. (By the way, some of these tracks are not actually Kizomba, there is Zouk, tarraxinha e.t.c. but you can Kizomba to them anyway.)

Albair Rojas - Kizombero

Albair Rojas – Kizombero


  • Kaysha – 1 Love
  • Nelson Freitas – Deeper
  • Nelson Frietas – Rebound Chick
  • Mika Mendes – Criola
  • Mika Mendes – Magico
  • Os Oiginais – Le Da
  • Vanda May – Nao Me Tarraxa (Club remix)
  • Anselmo Ralph – Nao me Tocas
  • Abege – I like it
  • Marysa – Avec Toi

Now I got 2 questions for you
1. Which track do you think is my favorite?
2. Are there any of your personal favorite tracks that are not on this list?

Comment away…

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Lets help the Kids

We need your help!

You see, after Albert Torres watched the children from Khayelitsha (a township in Cape Town) dance, he decided to give them a platform to showcase their talents at the Los Angeles Salsa Festival in May 2013.

Albert Torres and the Kids

Albert Torres and the Kids

Now the kids and All Out Salsa (who brought Albert down) need your help. If you want to help turn these kids dream into reality, then there are 2 options available:

You can contribute to this cause by making a contribution on All Out
There will be a Paypal link on the page that you can use or alternatively you can email and they will send you the All Out Salsa bank details to transfer the funds to.

If you are in Cape Town, the kids from Khayelitsha that are going to LA will be doing an Afro Fusion workshop tomorrow.
Venue: FIT Studios – 68b Wale Street, City Bowl
Date: 9 March 2013
Time: 3pm.
Cover: R150
So come and learn from the kids directly and your entire cover charge will be contributed towards the kids flights.

The count down to the LA Salsa Festival has begun and we are looking forward to seeing the children from Khayelitsha making history and being the first South African’s to perform at this prestigious event. The all out Salsa team have a long way to go and so we appeal to you to contribute to this worthy cause!

Its time to spread the love for salsa and dance!

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Should women ask men to dance?

I lead, you follow.

This sentiment has led a number of women to believe its always the mans job to ask the lady to dance.

So what do you do if you never get asked to dance? or more importantly, the guys you want to dance with never ask you?

21st Century Woman

21st Century Woman

Well we live in the 21st century. A time where Women have equal rights and can do whatever they damn well please. So if you want to dance with a guy, walk up to him and ask.

Why though are women so afraid to ask Men to dance? I think its because they are afraid they might get rejected. Now while most men are used to experiencing rejection, this is not an emotion women are used to.
Women are usually the ones with the options, always being pursued and being the ones able to choose which males they want attention from. So to now flip the script and tell them – ‘Hey, you now have to chase me!’ – that dynamic does not sit well.

However Ladies, if you decide to grow a pair (pun intended) don’t let rejection stop you. I like to think on the rare occasion when a woman says no to me, its her loss not mine (and it really is). So if a guy ever says No to you, its his loss.
Plus lets be honest, it will take you a couple of more thousand rejections before you catch up with what an average male dancer has to go through.

Now what if you just cant handle rejection? Or you don’t want the guy to feel obligated to dance with you?

Well whatever your excuse, someone once told me the perfect way for a woman to ask a Man to dance. I actually cant find fault in its brilliance and therefore I am going to share it with you today.

When you spot the guy you would like to dance with, when a song comes on that you would like to dance to, Walk up to him:
Dont say “would you please dance with me?” or “would you like to dance?” because these questions can be met with a “No” or “Not right now” and this will create a strange and awkward moment for both of you.
Instead, walk up to him and say WORD FOR WORD – “I want to dance with you.”
This is an interesting way to phrase it because 1) its true and 2) its a statement and not a question.
So technically you are not asking him anything. As a Woman used to getting your way, putting this statement across can have only 1 of 2 possible outcomes:
1) he will ask you to dance or 2) he will make light of it or try and ignore your statement. But as its not a question, there can be no rejection or obligation. Viola…

That being said ladies, there are 3 things you can do to constantly improve your chances of being asked to dance:

1. Wear the right shoes. Women with hooker heels or sneakers will be avoided on the dance floor. Wearing the right shoes is a hallmark sign of a dancer.
2. Move to the beat of the music. This is helpful hint that men sometimes use to identify women who want to dance from those other women who are just watching.
3. Become a great follower. Men who can dance really well spend hundreds if not thousands of hours learning to lead. They appreciate female dancers who have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours learning to follow. If you cant follow, you have no right to complain that he does not want to lead you.

Alright ladies, I hope you found this useful and next time you are on the dance floor, I hope you indirectly ask someone to dance. ūüėČ

Till next week,
Live – Love – Salsa!

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22 Ways Salsa makes your life better

So my friend the Dancing Irish Man recently wrote a blog post about the 22 ways Salsa makes your life better.

This week I want you to go and check out his post and see if you can add to his list of reasons:
22 Ways Salsa make yours life better!


As for me, there is  a post I am working on:

“Should women ask Men to dance at Salsa Socials?’

I have a feeling this will be a good one, so keep an eye out! ūüėČ

Till next week ya’ll,
Live – Love – Salsa!

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Magna does it again…

Did you know it’s been close to 60 weeks since I have never missed posting on a Thursday? Now It’s 1am on Friday the 15th Feb, but as I am yet to fall asleep, I am gonna call it Thursday because technically, its still Thursday somewhere in the World. (So the streak continues).

This week I share with you a video a friend of mine (Teddy) shared with me. It’s a video of a social dance between my current No.1 Salsa crush Magna Gopal and the unpredictable Karuk while Super Mario was in the background taking the piss.

1:20 seconds into the video, Magna pulls a slide out of nowhere like only she can. its so simple, yet so stylish and any social dancer will appreciate the level of talent and skill it takes to pull off a move like that in a social setting. Moments like this one, are just some of the reasons why I Love Magna!!!!

Now its time for me to go sleep, so check out this video for yourself by simply clicking here.
enjoy the video and see ya next week.

Your Salsero in Music and Dance,
Chilly aka Alisar!

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How to be a Great Dance Partner

Peter Flahiff (Swing and Tap dancer) has 3 rules that he says make him such a great dancer. Here are 2 versions of those rules:

How to be a Great dance partner:
  РDrop the ego
  РLove the dance
– Treat your partner like gold

How to be a Great human:
– Drop the ego
– Love life
– Treat people like gold

Wise words to live by!
Till next week – remember to Drop the ego, love Life, treat people like Gold and Salsa! ūüėČ
(Thanks Pravina for sharing)

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A new Salsa resource

Is there some amazing salsa teacher that you have heard of and whom you want to take a class with? Now what if i told you that i have recently discovered a way to make this possible even if you live half way across the world? Well it’s here, The online Salsa class website:

I recently found out about this site as 2 of their current instructors are some of my favorite dancers in the world. (Karel Flores and Adolfo Indacochea)

SalsaBachataOnline was created to allow every dancer, regardless of their location or schedule, to be able to learn from some of the best Salsa and Bachata instructors in the world. They offer a great variety of classes where you will be able to find at least one fitted for your level or preference. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced dancer, whether you are looking for Styling or Technique, here you will find a video suited for your needs.

Additionally all instructors teach something new, original and unique every week. All videos are available from Monday to Monday. So note that if you purchase a class on Tuesday, a Friday, or even a Saturday, the video is only good until the following Monday Pacific time.

This is where i sign off.
Till next Salsa Thursday – Just Keep calm and CLICK AND DANCE!

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