Magna does it again…

Did you know it’s been close to 60 weeks since I have never missed posting on a Thursday? Now It’s 1am on Friday the 15th Feb, but as I am yet to fall asleep, I am gonna call it Thursday because technically, its still Thursday somewhere in the World. (So the streak continues).

This week I share with you a video a friend of mine (Teddy) shared with me. It’s a video of a social dance between my current No.1 Salsa crush Magna Gopal and the unpredictable Karuk while Super Mario was in the background taking the piss.

1:20 seconds into the video, Magna pulls a slide out of nowhere like only she can. its so simple, yet so stylish and any social dancer will appreciate the level of talent and skill it takes to pull off a move like that in a social setting. Moments like this one, are just some of the reasons why I Love Magna!!!!

Now its time for me to go sleep, so check out this video for yourself by simply clicking here.
enjoy the video and see ya next week.

Your Salsero in Music and Dance,
Chilly aka Alisar!

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