Thank you Mr. DJ!

“Many of us simply don’t realise and far too often we simply take for granted how important DJs are. The Music that we dance to – whether its at a party or at an international  salsa festival – has been painstakingly compiled over years and then carefully put together for you, the audience.”

As a DJ, I cant help but fully appreciate these sentiments.
This is the intro  (slightly adjusted) of a Salsa Mag article for one of the most recognised DJ’s in the Salsa Scene – Henry Knowles.


So today I urge you to all go & read the full article in the 2013 Spring edition of Salsa Mag on page 28.

Next time you are at a party and a song comes on that you like, walk up to the DJ and say thanks or offer to buy them a drink or even just wink at them. Show some luv for DJs all over the world who set the trends by luring you onto the dance floor with their seductive sets and showcasing all the amazing new talented bands on the salsa scene.

Till next week, Thank you Mr. DJ for playing my song!

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