On1, On2, Cuban… Whatever

This past weekend I was at the Hot Salsa Weekend (HSW) in Stockholm, Sweden and needless to say, it was EPIC!

The Unknown Ninja Salsera who Created & Fulfilled a Dance Fantasy of mine all at the same time!

If you have been in the Salsa scene for a while, you will know and appreciate that the Salsa T-Shirt is a novelty thing and you are bound to find some interesting comments on a number of Salsero’s and Salsera’s outfits at any and all Salsa Events.

The HSW was no exception, there was a T-Shirt with a comment that is actually the name of this article – On1, On2, Cuban …. Whatever. The Salsera wearing the T-Shirt was basically making it known that she didn’t mind what style she danced, she could and would do it all depending on the music, the vibe and the partner. She was keen and ready for anything fun & all you had to do was lead.

The Infamous T-Shirt

After seeing this T-Shirt, I was inspired to live up to those words and this became my motto for the rest of the weekend, but with a couple of more dances added on – namely; Bachata, cha cha, merengue, zouk & kizomba. ( I personally don’t believe any 1 style is better than the other, we all just have our personal preferences!)

Now, back to the HSW itself! It was taking place in a really cool venue that had 3 Different Dance Floors playing 1) Puerto Rican Salsa, 2) Cuban Salsa and 3) Bachata. With my Grand plan in check and my red-bull giving me wings, I was on a mission which involved constantly  moving between all 3 dance floors approaching unknown Salseras and having 1 dance after another. It was so satisfying walking up to a Girl on a Cuban dance floor and she says, “I only dance cross body style“, and I was like -‘ Well lets go‘. Then you go to the Puerto Rican dance-floor and you walk up to a woman and she puts her hand up and indicates deuces (also known as the sign for peace) which in the world of Salsa  means On2 and I was like – ‘Well, lets Do it!‘.

The Universal Sign for Peace (Deuces) is the Salsa Sign for On2!

So if you love Salsa, I strongly recommend you decide what style it is you want to do and become REALLY good at it. However, make sure you have at least a basic to intermediate level knowledge of all the other types of Salsa and Latin Dance so the next time someone comes to you and says, ‘Hey, what style of Salsa do you dance?” you too can say – On1, On2, Cuban…. Whatever….

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2 Responses to On1, On2, Cuban… Whatever

  1. Rosa says:

    The inability to dance with everyone is always a motivation to learn most (if not all) styles and types of dances.

    Nice one Chilly!!!


  2. Gale says:

    On the local scene here, you can show your on2-ness by the way you dress. I’ve lost touch with the on1 scene in the last couple of years but you used to be able to spot an on2 dancer by their slightly cleaner-cut clothing and tendency to wear salsa slogans.

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