What kind of Drunk are you?

Isn’t it weird how after imbibing a couple of drinks, we all of a sudden loose most of our inhibitions and then that hidden deep dark persona hidden inside of us starts to take over our normal calm self?

This weekend I decided I was only going to drink water. (Lets not get into why)

Come Saturday night, I went out and I hit 2 different spots. Now while I was partying up a storm (as I normally do), I soon realised at some point that I was the most sober person in the room. As this realisation hit me, I remembered; While you can still have fun without alcohol, its never cool to be the only sober person in a room full of drunks (Note: I am using the term drunks very loosely in this post to refer to anyone who drinks even in moderation.)

When this realisation dawned on me, I remembered that there are in-fact very many different kind of drunks. So today, I have decided to blog about it.

As you read it, be honest and ask yourself – “What kind of drunk am I?”

The I am Sexy Drunk – This drunk develops an unbelievable amount of self confidence and instantly believes they are the sexiest person in the room and no one can say No to their advances. (I can see your smile across this screen, so that means you know your fair share of these.)

The guys from Jersey, watch the show and see why they are listed here!

The I love you Drunk – This drunk becomes super talkative, holds you down and usually tells you their deepest darkest secrets. They also  feel its their responsibility to tell you how much they love you over and over again…( this usually makes for an interesting next day encounter, especially if you were sober.)

I love you man!

The I am Funny / Happy Drunk – This drunk insists on talking and laughs at absolutely anything and everything.

You are not as funny as you think

The I have No Shame Drunk – I think the picture says it all.


The I Think I can Dance/Sing Drunk – This drunk starts to live in a music video and tries to do moves on the dance floor that are virtually impossible to do while sober (or hit notes that even Whitey Houston could not do in her prime). They pay the price the next day when they hurt in places they never even knew existed. (Honestly, what were you thinking?????)

Leave these moves upto the Professionals!

The I am Mike Tyson Drunk – This drunk get paranoid & suddenly imagines that they are Brave-heart and starts giving everyone bad looks and is looking for any excuse to throw down with absolutely anyone, even the car guard or just the cat walking down the street. (Really?? get a life dude.)

Check out my guns

The Crying Drunk (sad) – This drunk just starts crying usually after reflecting on some random memory or thought in their life. (You really wanna stay away from these ones)

The Pass out Drunk – This drunk becomes reclusive and does not talk to anyone for fear of looking like a tool and then eventually passes out.

Ok, so these are all the general types I can think of. If I missed out any, feel free to add to the list.

(DISCLAIMER: Always Drink in moderation and NEVER DRINK & DRIVE)

Now do tell, what kind of Drunk are you?

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Causality - I believe for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Cause and Effect. I am the cause - what will be the effect?
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1 Response to What kind of Drunk are you?

  1. Renee says:

    hahaha most interesting blog so far because its close to home haha, i don’t think my kind of drunk has been listed tho i am a bit of the ‘i am a baad ass dancer’ drunk sometimes tho rarely. i am the drunk that doesn’t need talk time when drunk coz i start texting uncontrollably about anything and everything, i become a serial texter! lol! very unattractive and unbecoming!
    And you????

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