5 Simple Tips for Beginners

So this week a friend of mine suggested I blog about some helpful tips/ reminders for beginners who are just finding their way onto the dance floor. I took her advice and here it is.

beginners class

5 Helpful tips/reminders for beginners:

1. Step onto the balls of your feet. This applies to both Men and Women. Dancing Flat footed or on your heel is a NO. Also, make sure the ball of your foot hits the ground on the Beat and not the heel. (This could be the reason you are off time). Taking small steps is also a good idea (don’t try and trip everyone dancing around you).

2. Ladies; when being turned keep your arm in an L shape and don’t pull down on the mans hand. Gents; when turning a Lady use your entire arm from your shoulder  and not just your wrist & imagine drawing a Halo over her head just like she is an Angel.

3. Practice does not make perfect.  Perfect Practice Makes Perfect. So make sure you go to a dance school and learn the right techniques and get lots of the right kind of practice. No point in doing the wrong thing by yourself over and over again. (A couple of private classes will never hurt.)

4. Social Dance with everyone – Beginners and Advanced dancers. This is some of the best advice that I or anyone else will ever give you.

5. Smile and Have Fun! Dancing is so much Fun after all.

Till next week Thursday,Keep Calm and Dance Salsa!

P.S. This is my 54th Consecutive Thursday Salsa Post and I haven’t missed one yet! 😉

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2 Responses to 5 Simple Tips for Beginners

  1. Good tips. I’d include remembering how to “hook” your fingers when turning so that hands don’t get lost mid combination.

  2. Tumbao says:

    Nice one again!! In my humble opinion….
    7. (after the Irishman) Another good point to remember is to FLOW. Step-step-together is not flowing, so one should step progressively as if walking or jogging, one foot in front or behind the other.
    8. Listen to the count/music and don’t count over the teacher/musicians. Rhythm is to be heard and felt, and not really imagined or transposed by our silly little brains 🙂

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