Gangnam style goes Merengue

Park Jae-sang better known as Psy is the 35 old Korean Pop star who has been hailed as the King of You-Tube after he became the only person to have a viral video get over 1 Billion Hits.

Gangnam Style

This video was released in July 2012 and  hit the international scene in August and now has over 1.2 Billion hits with no signs of slowing down (I suspect it will hit the 2 billion mark before it is even 1 year old).

What surprises most people about Psy and Gangnam Style is that video was not an attempt at stardom, but was actually the result of a day in the life of a Korean Pop Star. Gangnam style is just a song off Pys’ 6th studio Album that has achieved unparalleled success having now created over 36,000 parodies and off shoots.

In case you are wondering, I am a Psy fan. I can still remember the first time I saw the video and half way through just sat thinking to myself, “What the hell is going on here?” It was the most random music video I had ever seen and yet I liked it.

Fast forward a couple of months and I was setting up my top 8 Latin songs for 2012 to play at a party and  a friend of mine made a bet with me for a bottle of preferred vintage that I would not dare throw down Gangnam style in my top mix. Challenge accepted.
I went in search of a Latin version and needless to say, I found quite a few. 1 in particular was a Merengue version that  made it onto my playlist and that I am actually going to share with you today.

So if you are a Psy fan and love Latin music, click here to listen to DJ Toofan’s and DJ Nima’s remixEnjoy!

Till next week Thursday people, take a chill pill and gangnam style!

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