Nina and Zerjon

As the year ended, I reflected on some of the highlights of the 2012 and my life in general. 1 of the things I always look at is my favorite dances for the year. Now while there were some AMAZING ones I added to the list – my absolute favorite social dance in the world happened in 2011 with a Salsera called Nina from Twisted Feet Dance Crew in Sweden @ the Hot Salsa Weekend.

When we first danced, I had no idea who she was or what her level would be. Yet within 5 seconds we clicked and I knew  that I had met a kindred spirit in dance. I later on discovered she is into Hip Hop as well as Salsa – my 2 favorite forms of dance and she has without a doubt mastered both. (She apparently also loves eating pineapples like I do too.)

While at the Hot Salsa Weekend, I also had the pleasure of meeting her dance parter Zerjon. About 1 month later, I saw a performance they did which was a Salsa Hip Hop Fusion to MJ’s Liberian Girl.
This is hands down the best Salsa Hip Hop fusion performance I have personally ever seen and I am sure it will blow your mind like it did mine.

Simply click on the picture below to watch the video.

Nina and Zerjon @ the HSW in Stockholm 2011

Nina and Zerjon @ the HSW in Stockholm 2011

If you ever see Nina on the dance floor, make sure you grab her for a Dance. You won’t regret it. 😉

That is all I had to share with you this week. Till next week people, hope you have an Awesome 2013!

Live, Love, Laugh & Salsa!

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1 Response to Nina and Zerjon

  1. Tumbao says:

    That is a great performance! The fusion of Hip-hop and Salsa when done in this way is incredible to me!

    I also agree with you about Nina, Chilly. I had the pleasure of dancing with Nina at the 2008 Hot Salsa weekend in Stockholm and she is the entire package!

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