Salsa Mag Dot Net

This week I want to introduce you to the Salsa Magazine.

Salsa Mag

This is an informative magazine (which you can also download as an app or subscription on your mobile or tablet).

It gives tonnes of Salsa info on
and lots of other Salsa info.

Salsa MAG is a child of the new media – it’s not a conventional glossy magazine destined to gather dust under the coffee table, but rather a modern e-magazine which takes classic elements and combines them with videos, audio files and interactive features to create a multimedia experience. Whether at home or travelling – SALSA MAG can be read any time, any place.

THE PUBLISHERS AND EDITORS of the magazine are the unbeatable duo: Martín Aguilar-Paz and Gesine Aguilar Paz- inseparable both professionally and personally.

So if you want to improve you all round salsa info and know what is going on in the world of salsa out there, I suggest you get onto

So this is my last post in 2012. Hope you enjoyed reading my blog. See you all in 2013 peeps.

Live, Laugh, Love & Salsa!!!

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