Kids from African Township booked to perform at the LA Salsa Congress

The Albert Torres Productions motto is: “Create Unity Through Latin Music & Dance“.  So when Albert watched the children from Khayelitsha (a township in South Africa) dance a few months ago, he decided to give them a platform to showcase their talent at the Los Angeles Salsa Festival in May 2013. (The Los Angeles Salsa Congress attracts over 20,000 visitors over a 5 day period from over 50 different countries and is the premiere Latin Music and Dance event annually.)

Albert was truly moved by what he saw that afternoon and would like to share that experience with the rest of the world by showcasing these children on the world’s biggest stage during the Los Angeles Salsa Congress. Cape Town based Dance Instructor, Director and Choreographer Bheki Ndlovu of Suede Productions will choreograph the showcase that the children will perform at the event.


This opportunity to send children from one of the poorest communities in South Africa to this world-class event in Los Angeles is the perfect reflection of the Albert Torres Production Motto in action. No matter our age, location or background, we are all united by our passion for music and dance.

Watch the video to hear what Albert Torres had to say about his visit to Khayelitsha.

Now we need your help. Together we can turn this dream into a reality and send these children from Khayelitsha to the Los Angeles Salsa Festival in May 2013. All Out Salsa is looking for sponsorship to pay for the children’s air travel between Cape Town and Los Angeles as well as their hotel rooms for the duration of their stay. You can contribute to this cause by making a donation on our website by clicking here or emailing and then we’ll send you the All Out Salsa bank details to transfer funds to.

Lets be the difference that makes a difference and help create unity through both music & dance!

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