Salsa Class or Workshop, whats the difference?

If you have ever wondered what the difference is between a Salsa Class and workshop, this post is gonna explain it to you.

A Salsa class is regular event. It usually takes place on a set date and at a set time and during this time, students meet with their instructor for a lesson that follows a set pattern and routine.

A Salsa workshop on the other hand is irregular. It has a definite start and end date. It generally follows an intensive session that allows for large amounts of information to be given and doesn’t usually follow any normal class rules.
It also often allows you to to explore aspects of the dance that cannot usually be taught in a regular class and it is generally held on a Saturday and Sunday.

I hope this simple explanation clarifies it for you.

Now the Pic below is a link to one of my favorite couples Terry & Cecile doing a workshop. Terry is an absolute Beast on the dance floors and is without a doubt one of best social dancers out there. Definitely worth keeping an eye on. 😉

Cecile, Me & Terry doing the Juene after their workshop!

Now if you live in South Africa, you will be pleased to know I do workshops once a month in Cape Town and will be making appearances in Joburg and Durban sometime soon. Follow my events page on Facebook to stay updated. If you are in Europe, Ill see you at some Workshop at some congress sometime soon. 😉

Till next Thursday people –  Live, Laugh, Love,  & Salsa!

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