Albert Torres is coming to Cape Town

Have you heard of Albert Torres? Well to put it simply – he is the No.1 Latin Events Promoter in the World.

Albert Torres (in the red bow tie) & Team SA 2011

Albert Torres has been promoting Latin Events for over 18 years and the LA Salsa Congress is one of (if not) the largest most successful salsa congress in the world. He created the LA Salsa congress in 1999 and in 2 short years had close to 3,000 people attend which was un-heard of at the time and this number has grown exponentially.

In the words of Eddie the Salsa Freak ‘Albert Torres lives, breathes, and thinks about Latin entertainment 24 hours a day, seven days a week.’ This is obvious from the success of the LA Salsa congress plus the close to 40 other Salsa congresses he promotes all over the world each and every year.

Now thanks to the All Out Salsa Team (a group of Latin Enthusiasts who promote Global Latin Dance and Music Events), this Salsa Legend will be down in Cape Town next week doing a History of Salsa Tour.

The History of Salsa Evening will take place from 7pm on Sunday the 14th of October 2012 at the new Buena Vista Social Café in Cape Town, South Africa.

A 3-course Cuban dinner will be served, during which Mr Albert Torres will conduct his world-famous History of Salsa Seminar, including a brief opportunity for attendees to ask Albert Torres questions about the global Salsa scene. Thereafter Cape Town’s most exciting DJ, DJ Nikos of Salsa Fuego, will entertain the event attendees for the remainder of the evening with some of the latest Salsa Dura, Reggaeton and Bachata.

So if you are in Cape Town next week, I expect to see you there.

Till next Thursday people,
Live – Laugh – Love – Salsa!

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4 Responses to Albert Torres is coming to Cape Town

  1. Amanda says:

    that picture brings memories back 🙂

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