The South African Salseros Rock Hamburg

The date is 15th of July 2012, time – 10pm. Eddie Torres aka The Mambo King is getting ready to do a Solo act, Carla Voconi is in the process of learning a Choreography to perform later on that evening, Yamulee are getting ready as is Adolfo and his Latin Soul dancers. Moauze is busy warming up, Albert Torres is in the room cracking the funniest jokes, Jazzy & Chiquito are busy putting together an improv piece to perform and the list of Salsa celebs just goes on…. In this same room sit 4 South African Salseros who on that night will be performing on the same stage as all these Salsa Legends.

This picture sets the scene for my most memorable Salsa event to date: The day the South African Salseros performed in Hamburg.

Click our logo to view the performance!!!

If you had asked me 4 months ago, if I ever thought this day would actually happen – I may have said, ‘Yeah, in like 3 or 4 YEARS’. Yet it happened in only 4 Months. Words cannot express how much that night meant to me, so allow me to thank a few key people who without them, none of this would have ever happened:

Andrea N. for being the unofficial 5th member of the Group and her un-relenting and constant support.

Albert Torres for his encouragement & support and Imad for giving us the opportunity to grace his stage with all the pro’s in Hamburg.

John Morrison & Regan Tumbao Christmas for the parts they played in developing our passion for Salsa and Salsa in South Africa as a whole.

Daniela Semencic, Bachatero Marko and the Los Mamberos & Salsa Adria team for picking us to take part in the Stargate challenge at their amazing congress in Croatia.

Delphine ‘the T’ Lobelle for the inspiration to make this happen now rather than later.

Leigh S for her unwavering support & keen eye for detail.

Joerg M for helping us edit the song so smoothly.

Last but not least, Super Mario, Mark Anthony, TEAM SA 2012 and all the other cool people that we have met along the way who cheered their lungs out and supported us.

You have all let me & my 3 other fellow Salseros live out a dream and WE THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH!

Peace, Love, Happiness & Salsa!

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3 Responses to The South African Salseros Rock Hamburg

  1. Dreamer says:

    so what is your next dream? (now that the salsa thing happened 4 years ahead of schedule)

    • Chilly says:

      Well that is a secret unless of-course it happens. Then, well hey…. who knows! Just know it has something to do with living in Europe…

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