The 1000 Dance Challenge Update

I have 5 words for you – “Much easier said than done“.

5 days to the end of the month and not one of The South African Salseros  has hit 1,000 dances over 2 months. We got close and I have seriously danced my ass off these past 2 months –  (going to 2 Congresses & a number of other socials) yet I am still short of that elusive 1,000.

That being said, there were still a number of insights that resulted from this challenge:
A. You will have some of the most interesting and amazing dances on your way to 1000. The more people you ask to dance, the more dancers you enjoy dancing with. Its quite awesome and the ultimate win-win situation.
B. You can comfortably average a total of 10 dances an hour. This includes taking a short break, having a quick drink & a light conversation with someone here and there.
C. The most obvious one – the more you social dance, the better your lead becomes and the more you start to improvise and let loose and just have fun on the dance floor.

I would advise everyone out there who loves to dance to take up this or their own dance challenge in the month ahead and make sure you push your limits to see what you can achieve. You may just surprise yourself….

Alright, enough rambling, its time to break down the numbers:

No. 1 – The leader is Tsheps ‘Happy feet’ Mogee sitting with exactly 800 dances.

I am in 2nd place with 704 dances – The smooth Salsero aka Chilly ‘Alisar’ Chanda….

Me with the Salseras I danced my 500th and 501st social dance

3rd is Aaron ‘The Salsa Dura luva’  rocking it out with 521 dances

In 4th place is Teddy Bear Salsa with 442 dances.

Teddy on 442

So till next Thursday (or the next random salsa thing we decide to do), remember to Live…Laugh… Love & Salsa!

About Chilly

Causality - I believe for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Cause and Effect. I am the cause - what will be the effect?
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7 Responses to The 1000 Dance Challenge Update

  1. Tammy says:

    Hey Chilly ….. so close! You haven’t danced with me in the last 2 months and that is worth at least 300! xx

  2. joe says:

    weldone guys i think the idea of 1000’s dances was a good challlenge but irrespective of the numbers reached its the journey that got you guys there. im sure that journey had so much experiences and learnings in it. see you all on the dance floor

  3. 704 is a damn fine number lad, mighty impressive. I just linked to your original blog post on the challenge, by the way. I hope you get some extra traffic!

  4. mercadee says:

    A: If you have just started, keep going … don’t give up or feel intimidated by better dancers, see them as inspiration & work hard to improve. The more you do dance salsa, the better you will be. For those that have been dancing Salsa a while … you never know everything. It’s not about doing big moves, but about enjoying the small ones. Stay humble & never forget how you got where you are today.

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