The British perspective on Salsa

Alright, today I just finished my exams. This has been a long time coming. To celebrate, this week I am posting with you 4 really cool videos that I came across.

1. Salsa and the stiff upper lip is a Brits perspective on Latin dance. His perspective is pretty interesting and the video he has put together is awesome. Definitely my top pick for the week.

2. This is a really cool performance by 3 world class salsa couples / champions at the Puerto Rico Salsa Congress i think it was (might be mistaken) anyway, make sure youCheck out the Lifts at 02:05 and spins thereafter. 1 word – Impressive!

3. Oliver Pineada going ape shit as usual. With regards to Social dancing & musicality, this boy is in a league of his own. Just watch any social of his in 2012 and you will see what I mean.

4. Last but not least, A performance by Lucky Sipin to my favorite Salsa song in the World – Merecumbe! Definitely fun to watch….

Alright, time for me to go party! Hope you enjoyed my videos.
Till next week Thursday, you know what to do….Live, Laugh, Love & Salsa!

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