How to become a better social dancer

Shaka Brown is one of the best social dancers out there. So when he wrote a piece about the 5 ways to improve as a social dancer, you know I just had to blog about it. I mean, how could I resist???

There are 2 things that he mentions that I just have to share with you before you head off to his blog:

1. Listen
Listen to what people are not saying about your dancing. If you want to be a top follower and every time you dance with someone you hear:

“You really enjoy dancing.”
“Hey, I see you like doing your thing, go ahead girl!”
“That’s a nice haircut.”

But you don’t hear “I really enjoyed that dance with you, you are an awesome follower! I hope we can dance again tonight.” Then read between the lines.

2. Film yourself:
I can guarantee you that the first time that you watch yourself dance you will feel somewhat nauseated….But you will also find things that you can correct.
There’s no inspiration like the desire to look at least as good as you thought you looked.

That’s it, now head off to Shaka Browns blog and read the really cool article for yourself.

To wrap up the week, click the picture below to see Shaka Brown in action on the social dance floor.

Till next week Thursday my Salsa Peeps, I (Heart) Dance!

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1 Response to How to become a better social dancer

  1. Tarryn says:

    Thanks for the share Chilli ! Really great and helpful article 🙂

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