The 70-20-10 Rule to being a 100% Awesome Salsera

I have been asked a couple of times by a number of women – ‘What do I need to do to become a really good Salsera?’ I therefore  decided to use today’s blog post to explain my ’70-20-10 rule’ to being a Phenomenal Salsera. These rules when followed correctly elevate a good dancer – to great and a great dancer – to Phenomenal.

Before I get into it, I would just like to point out 2 things –

  1. Before the rules – remember to have fun. This is first and foremost and without it, the rules are irrelevant.
  2. Salsa dancing is all about partnership. Now the key success to any enjoyable partnership is being ‘present‘. Therefore both parties need to be present and in the moment. That sense of presence will amplify the dance x 10 fold.

Now lets get down to the 70-20-10 Rule!


The 70%: His lead tells most of the story.  70% of being a good Salsera boils down to simply following. No predictions or assumptions or completing the move before the time. Even if you are 100% certain as to what is coming next, you need to follow the mans lead and do what his lead asks you to do and only when he asks you to do it. You can never go wrong on this rule, it simply can’t fail!

The 20%: Pay attention to his body positioning and body language. In certain circumstances  (usually where the lead is ambiguous), you  have to look at his body positioning to help you complete the picture. E.g. Is he standing right in front of you or has he stepped out of the slot? Is his hand over your head or over his? Does his body language indicate to you that he wants you to move? These and other subtle ques will help fill in the picture that will make any dance look flawless.

The 10%: Have fun playing with the music. This last little bit takes a really cool dance and makes it Phenomenal! Ladies – The mans listens to the music and the Woman listens to the man. That being said, you still need to be totally aware of the music and whats going on & have fun with it, but this should not affect your ability to follow. (Watch any Magna Gopal video and you will see what I mean).

A Salsera who can follow, be present and play – is the most sought after anywhere in the World!

Now to see the 70-20-10 rule in effect, click here. This social dance is nothing hectic which is the main reason why I chose it. Any Salsera can follow the moves, rather its the total package that is just an absolute pleasure to watch & the partners are just so in-sync its simply….. Phenomenal. 😉

Till next week people, you know the drill!
Live – Laugh – Love – Salsa!

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2 Responses to The 70-20-10 Rule to being a 100% Awesome Salsera

  1. Throw in “Smile” and the list is complete. Spectacular video by the way.

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