My Dance Movie

I am writing a script for a dance movie and decided to share the storyline with you!

FADE IN DANCING (Dancing in this case = hardcore insane body movement that mere mortals cannot even begin to comprehend)

  • Introduce Main male character who is a good looking Bad Boy Rebel with a sweet side who can dance (yeah right). Lets call him Nate!
  • Intorduce Nates main competitor who is also a good looking yet ‘arogant’ bad boy rebel. Lets call him Zane.
  • Nate and Zane battle and Zane whoops Nates Ass because Zane is the best.
  • Nate vows he will enter an upcoming dance battle which Zane always wins.
  • Nate actually has to win this battle for some reason or another
  • Introduce Main Female character (Rinoa) who is a down to earth – Hot Babe (notice the contradiction) with some sort of Family issue
  • Boy Meets girl and they dance off – Girl outshines Boy
  • Boy asks Girl to join his dance crew to enter the upcoming battle
  • Girl acts like she is not interested (but we both know she is)
  • Girl joins Boy’s dance crew and eventually falls for boy
  • Girl and Boy dance to something romantic / cut away to Love scene
  • Boy is actually a bad boy and so he does something silly to Girl and Girl walks away
  • Boy quits competion and walks out on his dance crew
  • Boy realises error of his ways and runs back to Girl & girl says no
  • Boy decides he has to do competition now that he has wisened up & learnt the error of his ways
  • Boy runs back to his dance crew & after giving him some slack, they go to the dance battle
  • Final battle between Nate and Zane
  • Zane is kicking Nates ass just like at the beginning of the movie
  • Girl shows up last minute and together her and Nate throw down the routine they have been practicing
  • Boy wins competition
  • Boy tells Girl he still wants to be with her and Girl tells boy she forgives him


Is that innovative or what? I think I should write a blog about this. Wait, I just did!

Till next week Danceaholics!
P.s. I am gonna go see Step Up 4 in next week and I wonder what that story line will be about! Damn it, I hope they dont steal my idea.

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Causality - I believe for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Cause and Effect. I am the cause - what will be the effect?
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4 Responses to My Dance Movie

  1. Mumbi says:


  2. Tammy says:

    Brilliant – i laughed until i cried (but most of that was at your spelling!). I think it will be a real blockbuster – completely original but with a minute amount of the vaguely familiar. Good job Chilly – time we got you a director’s chair!

  3. OK … so that was the storyline of STREET DANCE 2 … and it will probably be the storyline of STEP UP 4 … but then NO real dancer actually goes to a dance movie for the storyline … we all watch them for the dancing … now if you looking for something very original … check out QUE PASA by Zarin Thompson (ex Que Pasa barman) & Anthony Oseyemi (friend of mine from UK) … … it was developed while Zarin was working at Que Pasa & many students spent hours sharing ideas that eventually gave way to the final script … the plot involved sex, drugs, violence & loads of Salsa Dancing … they just couldn’t get the funding to produce the movie yet, but it’s a good read 🙂

    • Chilly says:

      Not just street dance, what about You got served, Step Up 1,2,3, Stomp the yard and a host of other dance movies? They all follow a similar line hence my own unique creation.

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