An Amazing Salsa Social or an Insane Salsa Performance….what’s your pick?

If you had a chance to watch either a great salsa social or a great salsa performance, which would you choose?

I personally think I would choose to watch the social. There is something to be said when you see two amazing dancers freestyle and pull off something amazing. Anyone can pull off a decent performance, but a sublime social that makes you just want to sit and watch? That is something special indeed.

One of the best socials I ever saw was actually a Cha Cha. It took place in Sweden last year on the last night of the Hot Salsa Weekend. Nina K (one of my favorite Salseras) was throwing down with some Salsero and if you had witnessed the power, emotion and energy in that social, you would have been just as spell bound as the rest of us who stopped dancing and actually created space on the dance floor to watch this beautiful story unfold.

However, as much as I may love social dancing, there are still performances out there that are beyond Amazing. For example, my favorite performance to date is called Backstage by Leon Rose & Dotty. I absolutely love this piece and I will never forget the very first time I saw it…. I actually got goose bumps!

So what is your preference? If you are still not sure what you would choose, then let me share with you what in my opinion are the top salsa social and performance videos in 2012 thus far.

The Amazing Social

This piece contains none other than Oliver P. He and Alien Ramirez are breaking it down like there is no tomorrow for 9mins at the Costa Rica Salsa Congress earlier this year.


The Insane Performance

Who else does the insane like Yamulee? This performance in February this year to El Tabbaco is no exception. Insanely hard hitting, unbelievable speed, inspiring…. Or simply to sum it up in 1 word – Yamulee!

Till next time….

Peace… Love…. Happiness & Salsa!

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3 Responses to An Amazing Salsa Social or an Insane Salsa Performance….what’s your pick?

  1. tsheps says:’s a tough one hey.. but i think i’ll go for the social.. to this day I can still feel the goose bumbs i felt while witnessing the Chacha social in Sweden you are refering to.. the deep intricate yet seemless artistic dialog, the spark, the energy, the electricity and level of improvisation between Nina and that Salsero is definitly something worth left my mouth, i didn’t dance for 2 or 3 songs thereafter still tryin 2 process what i had just seen.. that was definely the best social dance i’ve ever seen yet..

    I absolutely love performances big time and i’m not in anyway putting them down..however i get more amped from watching really good salsa socials..

    i guess the two each play their role.. performances inspire my creativity for choreography and social dances inspire my creativity and get me fired up for social dancing..


  2. Allan Korir says:

    My two cents, very true about anyone pulling off a performance–it’s a routine and you go through it over & over until you can do it with your eyes closed, with a social however, this is where true art and creativity manifests, don’t get me wrong Yamulee kills it every time they get on stage and I probably scream the loudest coz they pull off Insane performances NO DOUBT! but an amazing salsa social takes your breath away especially watching a guy like Oliver or Frankie Martinez i’m in AWE from the musicality, body movement, connection with their partners, their unique styles coupled with great music, this is TRANSCENDENCE…
    *NB: Alot of really good performers are not necessarily good social dancers except for VERY few, Oliver being one of the exceptions but that’s just my take 🙂

  3. Wil says:

    I’m ALLLLL about a great social dance. It’s what made me fall in love with salsa dancing. Don’t get me wrong I have witness some AMAZING performances but when you see two people having a connection with themselves AND the song being played there is nothing better. I think it’s what we all strive for each time we get on the dance floor.

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