Looking for Salsa Music?

So, as you may or may not know, I also happen to be a Latin DJ on top of being a Salsero and Bachatero. I love to play all types of Latin music, obviously with a strong focus on Salsa & Bachata. A Number of people often come up to me and ask me how I find my music & how do I know who to listen too with so much Salsa music out there?

Now there are tonnes of resources out there. Some are easy and some are more complex. I have decided to use this blog post to give you 3 easy options to easily find tonnes of songs to listen to without actually even trying. 😉

Once you have found a song that you like, i suggest you take the time to find out the name of the artist & research that artist and see what other songs they have done. Being a DJ, I noticed that people are generally drawn to a particular style of salsa (i.e. cuban, romantica, dura, mambo e.t.c.) As a result, when you hear a song you really like, that particular artist is more than likely to have songs with a similar style which you may also enjoy.

So let’s get down to it:

1. DJ’s
When you are at a party and the DJ plays a song that just makes you wanna move your feet, walk up to them and ask – ‘Hey, whats the name of that song and who sung it?‘ Trust me, they will always tell you.(Just don’t do it after each and every song because that can get a bit much!)

Additionally, there are DJ’s out there who have blogs and websites where they will put up the playlists or names of songs they are enjoying at that particular moment. For example, DJ Nikos (one of the best latin DJ’s in Africa) has a blog called Salsa Fuego. Here you will find lots of things music related, but more importantly you will find his pick of top songs for the week or for the month. Definitely a good starting place if you really like what a DJ plays.

2. Online Radio Stations:
There are also a couple of cool online radio stations out there. Sky.Fm for example has a Salsa Radio station where you can get exposed to a wide variety of Salsa music 24/7/365. The coolest thing about Sky.fm is that it also has a mobile application for both Andriod and Apple which means you can have access to Salsa music on the go.

There are also quite a few other stations out there like salsabravaradio.com which are strictly online salsa radio stations.

Speaking about Radio Stations, if you are in South Africa(or even if you are not), one of our own DJ’s is now playing a Salsa Set on an actual radio station. So tune in or log onto the Good Hope Radio Station from 22:20 (GMT +2) on Wednesday evening to hear DJ Tumbao drop some Latin beats.

3. Sound Cloud
Thanks to my good friend SalsaPicao, I recently came across soundcloud.com. This is definitely the place to go if you are feeling more adventurous and want to hear what other salsa lovers and DJ’s are coming up with from all over the world.

Tip for if you are not sure what song to play on this site, see which songs have the most plays and start listening from there 😉

Ok, this is all I wanted to share with you this Thursday evening. There is a 5 Day holiday coming up, so lots of Salsa planned.

Till next Thursday remember to Live… Laugh…. Love… & Salsa!

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