Team SA to make History at the Hamburg Salsa Congress in 2012!

Have you ever wanted to experience what Salsa is like overseas? Or do you maybe just take an overdue holiday with some Amazing people? If you want to  learn & dance Salsa with all the Pro’s that you see on those you-tube videos and get to do some amazing sightseeing in the process, then this is the holiday of a lifetime for you!

Join the Team SA Salsa Congresses group on Facebook. Here you can inquire about any congress, add your suggestions for the next congress, find a partner in crime to attend a congress with, etc. So hurry up and join already! It all happens here @ Salsa Congresses 2012 – Team SA.

The Hamburg Salsa Congress 2012  & Team SA
The Hamburg Salsa Congress is one of the top congresses in Europe and it will be celebrating  its 10th Anniversary from 12-16 July, 2012 in Hamburg, Germany.

We (Team SA) wanna make history at this congress by having the largest representation of South African Salseros y Salseras at any one international salsa congress in our entire history. To my knowledge (which is generally pretty accurate) the most South Africans to ever attend any one congress  is sitting at Fifteen (the Joburg salsa crew went to Cyprus in 2010)

Now we want you to come along! After all, the more the merrier. With the spirit of Go big or go home, we actually wanna have 30 People hit the Hamburg Salsa Congress going Big all the way. (Double the most number of South Africans who have ever attended any single salsa congress.)

We are already sitting at 14 Salseros y Salseras (almost making this the largest contingent ever), and now we just have 16 more to go. So what are you waiting for?
In case you are wondering: ‘How much do I need to be part of Salsa History?’, well, with only R13,500 you can be part of one of the most epic Salsa congresses in the world and party it up with a host of amazing people.

What can you look forward to at the Hamburg Salsa Congress? Well, the food in Germany is pretty amazing, as is the alcohol.  However, on a Salsa note:

1. World class Performances. Take a look at the links below to see some of the performances that the people who attended the congress last year were privileged to see LIVE:
John and Yudi 
Jorge & Tanja

2. Amazing Workshops. You can expect to learn from and have access to some of the most amazing Teachers and Salsa Legends like the Mambo King himself,  Eddie Torres

3. The Greatest Salsa Bands. Expect to have the World Famous New Swing Sextet performing live which is one of the Greatest Salsa Bands out there & ( yet to be confirmed) Gilberto Santa Rosa (one of my top 5 favorite Salsa Singers. )

4. Last & Most importantly (for me anyway) – You get to dance with hundreds of dancers and watch thousands of other dancers hit the dance floor. Watch this video for a sneak peak of a small section of the dance floor at the congress last year:
Hamburg Social Dance Floor 2011

So, if you wanna make history with us, join the facebook group and write on the wall:
I wanna make history – TEAM SA 2012 in Hamburg
Teddy or I will get in touch with you & give you all the details.

This is where I pen off. However before I sign out:

1. I gotta ask, what would you like to see should our very own South African Salsa Congress return in 2012?

2. For the enthusiast, here is a bit of  Salsa trivia and history:
The first salsa congress in the world took place in Puerto Rico in 1997. The term ‘Salsa Congress’ was used for the first time to describe a salsa festival that met some of the characteristics of a professional congress. The promoter was Eli Irizarri, there were  375 dancers from 19 different countries.

In 1999, only two years after the first salsa congress in the world, Albert Torres and the Bacardí team of the Congreso mundial de la salsa  created The West Coast Salsa Congress which went on to become one of the most successful Salsa congresses in the World.

Albert Torres has become synonymous with Salsa Congresses around the world and is in my opinion the most well know Latin Promoter there is out there. If you want to find out more about him and how he makes the events he is involved in so successful, read an Interview done by Edie the Salsa Freak here.

Now go join the facebook group already and lets make our own piece of Salsa History in July 2012. 😉

Que Viva La Salsa y Bachata!

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11 Responses to Team SA to make History at the Hamburg Salsa Congress in 2012!

  1. tsheps says:


  2. Delphine Lobelle says:

    hmmmm I just found out my exams start on the 20th July………. could I pass them if I’m dancing for a week before them?!?

  3. Lourraine Makwange says:

    Please send me details of the trip

  4. Bongeka says:

    u make it sound unmissable. who could resist

  5. Let’s do this! We going big! It’s definitely one for the record books. Team SA running wild in Hamburg 2012. Yeah buddy….

  6. Marchant Birch says:

    Good Luck on the venture and I hope you make history! I would have loved to join you but I’m teaching here in England that weekend.

    • Chilly says:

      Thanks for the best wishes. It would have been really Awesome if you could have joined us, but I totally understand. We won’t disappoint & will do SA Salsa proud.

      Hope to see you in London next time I come down.

  7. Marchant Birch says:

    Yes let me know when you plan to come to England. Maybe a South African posse wants to come to the 5 Star Congress and perform?

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