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Today I have decided to talk about one of the great sources of inspiration on my Salsa Journey.

Enter Anthony Persaud – founder of the world famous website   (Anthony is actually a Senior Computer Engineer in San Diego & many people are surprised to learn that Salsa is not his full time occupation)

Anthony grew up in Puerto Rico and taught himself how to salsa during his college days at Iowa State University.  He and his good friends brought Salsa to Iowa State with weekly lessons, social dancing, and choreographed routines.

Realising how many people around the world have limited access to salsa instruction, Anthony started to make salsa dancing accessible to all who wished to learn.
The website is mainly known for its free instructional dance lesson podcast which caters for beginners straight through to advanced dancers. It also has audio episodes dedicated to explaining salsa music as well as salsa articles and dance forums.

Anthony and his friends provide close to 100 video podcasts of all their Addicted2Salsa dance videos FREE OF CHARGE for anyone, anywhere in the world.
If you are wondering how they pay for it all, well here is another big reason why he inspires me – apart from their own personal time, Anthony and his friends incur all expenses for production (running the website,  renting a studio to film the podcasts, video equipment…e.t.c.) from their own pockets!

So how can you and I support them? Well, if you like their website and what you see, you definitely need to go and get their Pocket Salsa App. I already have it on my Iphone and it’s amazing (For you open source lovers,they also have an android version available). Its only gonna cost you $2.99 and you will have instant (on the move) access to all their videos & additional features at your finger tips.

Alternatively, you can also make a monetary contribution or donation . All donations go directly to their costs, and helps them grow the website to offer new and engaging content. Think of it is as though you were buying them a cup of coffee or a beer! Click here to find out more!

I know you will find this website as useful and inspiring as I have.

Thanks Anthony for the inspiration, & allowing me to share your amazing website.

Live, Love & Salsa!

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Causality - I believe for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Cause and Effect. I am the cause - what will be the effect?
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4 Responses to Inspired by

  1. Thank you for the wonderful praise and kind words.

  2. Mel says:

    Hola a todos.
    Siento una especial admiración por Anthony, ENHORABUENA. Tengo sus podscats y videos, me han ayudado a empezar en esto, soy novato. Te animo a publicar mas en español.

    • Chilly says:

      Translation: Hi all.
      I feel a special admiration for Anthony, congratulations. I have their podscats and videos have helped me get started on this, I am a rookie. I encourage you to post more in Spanish.

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