Today I think its time you read the words and advice from Cape Towns own (now living in the UK) Marchant Birch! – This post was written over 2 years ago, Enjoy! Its really good….

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* When I wrote the 3 part article ‘The Best Leaders & Followers’ I said that in the future I will post some of the emails I received  that were so good so you could read their words directly. Well, below are the words of Cape Towns own International Salsero – Marchant Birch now teaching Salsa in the UK.*

If I break it down to the most basic level, my favorite followers are women who are sensitive to my rhythm and lead, women who feel instead of think. Because following is feeling the lead and the rhythm of it, not thinking what does he want me to do? So a lady needs to be totally receptive. Here’s an analogy: Imagine the leader is like a radio station sending out signals or sound waves, and the follower is a like a radio with it’s antenna totally receptive. It’s the play of…

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