He Said … She Said

He says, “Jump”, I say, “ How high?”. I say, “I need something” – he says,”What brand?”. Then he said, “I’ve always wanted to do Salsa, there is a studio on Bree Street. Let’s go check it out.” And I said, “What night?”.

The next night I found myself traipsing down some stairs and into a very dodgy looking basement. There we found a group of people following someone’s instructions. The music was blaring the bar man was smoking hot. 15 minutes later he said, “We’ll be back on Thursday to try it out”.

A one off Thursday became every Tuesday and every Thursday. Determined to be the best I could be, I then started private lessons then  he joined me. We did this for two years. Dance, dance, dance but no clubs yet. Dance, dance, dance some more. We did group classes, private classes, workshops and attended every party we cared to. We dreamed of going on salsa adventures around the world. [We may not be doing it together but 2011 is the year of I(heart)salsa. He’s going on the All Star Salsa Cruise. I am going to the LA Salsa Congress. And I know when he comes back, he’ll say,”I saw this new move, let’s try it out”. I’ll have no choice but to get up and try.

The other night at Buena Vista Green-point I introduced him to a well known South African Choreographer as …….. This is my best friend (………..) he is a Phenomenal Salsa Dancer. 40 minutes later I demanded a dance. He then took me onto the dance floor, in my mind reserved for performers, none the less our friendship dictates a No No policy. So there we were dancing to a great salsa song. We finished the dance I walked to Nat and she said, “ I could watch you dance all night.” Confirmation he is a phenomenal dancer.

(…….)or better known in the Salsa circles as Chilly is a Salsa Instructor and DJ for Que Pasa Latin Lounge. If you want to learn salsa, email him and he’ll do you justice. If you want a date – he’s your guy but maybe I’m the only one who gets to demand that!

He said,” I see you have started to blog. Will you write me an article” – And  there you have it.


Best friend of Chilly & M-fusion Dancer

About Chilly

Causality - I believe for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Cause and Effect. I am the cause - what will be the effect?
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