Chilli & Olive make Salsa

On 27 November 2010, I performed my 1st very own piece of Salsa choreography.

I have performed in-front of crowds before (hip hop & individual salsa), however I have never been the one choreographing the moves. This was the 1st time I was putting my own ‘creative‘ ideas into reality and to add to the pressure, I was performing it in-front of a Salsa crowd.

Performing in-front of your peers who have a deep understanding of what you are doing or trying to do, puts an unbelievable amount of pressure on you and leaves little-to-no-room for error because these people can spot when something goes wrong sometimes even faster than you can.


Chilli & Olive Make Salsa

So what is my piece about and what inspired it?

Well the Song is called ‘Gozalo‘ by ‘El rubio Loco‘ and the piece is about the Joy of Music and Dance and how Salsa integrates this with so much more.

It starts with a Hip-Hop Guy (Chilli) who meets a Salsa/Ballerina Girl (Olive) and she teaches him a basic salsa step and before he knows it, he is dancing Salsa. Then the two of them go through the song, enjoying different aspects of partner work, individual footwork and just overall playing and having fun with the music. Towards the end, the Hip Hop Guy spices things up by teaching the Salsera a  bit of hip-hop and then they go back to the essence of Salsa which is in my humble opinion – Partner Work.

Considering I did Hip-Hop, I know it is more of an individual dance. Even when you are partnered up with someone, there is no leader or follower. There are just two people playing off each others energy and the music, and you both need to know exactly what you want to do.

Salsa however to me is more about 2 people creating such a symbiotic relationship that it makes them move as one.

So why is it called Chilli and Olive make Salsa?

Well, For those of you that don’t know, Salsa can refers to a spicy Sauce. So when you mix chilli & olives, you will definitely get something Spicy. My name is Chilly & My Dance partner is Olivia. So it was a clever play on our names.

I did not perform this piece with my dance partner Olivia, I actually choreographed and performed it with a friend of mine called Monique The Super-Star a.k.a. The Queen of Sexy . Who without her help and assistance, who knows what would have happened. (Thank you Monique)

So who actually is Chilly & Olivia (aka My HB)? Check the pics below:

Chilly & Olivia Chilly & Olivia 2

Unfortunately, both Monique and Olivia are leaving the Salsa scene now. So 2011 will be a huge change for me; Sad, Anxious and Excited all at the same time…. My Salsa journey continues!


*If you wish to watch the Video, you can check it out on my facebook page – Chilly Chanda!*

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