Salsa Lovers who contributed to the Best Leads & Followers Articles


A Big thanks to all of you. Without your help this article would not have come about.

I got feedback from over 18 Advanced Salseros in Cape Town, Joburg, Zambia and Canada And 11 Advanced Salseras from Cape Town, Joburg, USA and Switzerland. A Big thanks to all of you.


Below are the names and profiles of  the International Salseros & Salseras who provided me with awesome feedback. A SPECIAL Big thanks to all of you.

Marchant Birch – Alchemy Dance Academy

Marchant was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. He was trained in Ballroom from the age of 7 up to competitive professional level. He won numerous competitions in Ballroom and Street Dance, and was winner of the National Cape Jazz Championship 1999 in South Africa, competing against over 500 couples.

On taking up salsa he understood the need to learn the dance form from its authentic Latino roots and has trained with the Worlds best Puerto Ricans, New Yoricans, Dominicans and Cubans. He was invited to start teaching and performing salsa in the UK in 2001 and has since become one of the most sought after teachers & performers in the UK and internationally. Marchant is also the 1st and only representative of South Africa in the international salsa community.

In 2005 Marchant’s choreography of Tito Puente’s ‘Take Five’ received high acclaim from the Mambo King himself, Eddie Torres. It was considered a ground-breaking choreography at the time for its flowing use of line and arms, and intricate musical interpretation. The influence of this can be seen today in UK salsa performances

Marchant and Davina together formed Alchemy Dance Company in 2005.

In 2006 they launched Alchemy Dance Academy, giving the salsa public the opportunity to improve their dancing by way of the Alchemy method of dance training.

Mark Anthony Sheppard – MAS Mambo

Originally from Canada, Mark started dancing in 1999 and learnt from a school called United Salseros. Mark founded Mambo Tribe in March 2003 with his partner at the time Stephanie. By November of that year they formed their dance company.

His new dance company’s name is called MAS Mambo Latin Dance Company. “MAS” stands for Mark-Anthony Sheppard. He is a full-time Instructor, performer and Choreographer and travels the World over teaching and performing Salsa.

Anthony Persuad – Addicted 2 Salsa

Anthony is the Founder of addicted2salsa.  Though he grew up in Puerto Rico, Anthony taught himself how to salsa dance during his college days at Iowa State University.  He and his good friends created the club Descarga Latin Dance at Iowa State University, bringing Salsa to Iowa State with weekly lessons, social dancing, and choreographed routines. Realizing how many people around the world have limited access to salsa instruction, Anthony started Addicted2Salsa to make salsa dancing accessible to all who wish to learn.  Anthony now works as a Senior Computer Engineer in San Diego (many are surprised to discover that the website is not his full-time job!)

View Anthony’s article on the top 10 habits to avoid at the Salsa Club by clicking here

Seaon ‘Stylist’ Bristol

Seaon Bristol

Seaon Bristol, pronounced see-on and often referred to as Seaon Stylist, is a renowned salsa dancer, choreographer, and instructor living in Los Angeles, California. He is probably best known for being a pioneer in the role of being a male follower, a position traditionally reserved for women.

Seaon actually learned how to follow before he learned how to lead, in his estimation, for an entire year and a half prior. He started taking following classes in salsa at Razz M’ Tazz Dance Company a place where he would eventually teach the art of following. He went on to study with and dance for famous salsa dancer and teacher Eddie Torres . It only took Torres one lesson to realize Seaon’s dancing talent. Torres would invite Seaon to join his company and a mentorship ensued.


Josie Neglia (Latin Dance)

Also known as the Princess of Salsa, Josie started her dance career in 1989 when she graduated with a Bachelors degree and entered the ballroom/Latin field as a teacher.

Entering a Toronto Latin club, for the first time in 1990, Josie fell in love with Salsa.

In 1993, she relocated to Los Angeles and single-handedly became a pioneer of the salsa video industry.


Due to her presence on the internet and through her instructional video series, Josie became one of the most sought-after instructors and performers worldwide.  Josie is known for her easy-to-learn teaching methods and spectacular performance ability.

In August 2005, Josie decided to fulfill her life-long dream of opening her own Dance Academy that would be the center of dance for young and young-at-heart.  Latin Dance Academy is fulfilling Josie’s dream of “Teaching the World to Dance ~ One Step at a Time.”

Jocelyn Rosero

Co-host of Addicted2Salsa. com (with Anthony mentioned above). Jocelyn first learned to dance salsa in college while studying abroad in Spain. She fell in love with salsa dance and continued to pursue her interest once she returned home. She has studied and performed in various dance companies in both Cuban casino style and Mambo/Salsa On 2. She is currently lives in San Diego, pursuing a degree in nursing by day and dancing by night.

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